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The Baton Rouge Growth Coalition is a non-profit organization established in 1994 to ensure a level playing field between the real estate development industry and the citizens of Baton Rouge. Stakeholders include architects, engineers, contractors, commercial and residential developers, appraising professionals, lending businesses, and many others.  We are all working together to promote a vibrant and sustainable growth industry in Baton Rouge.

The commercial and residential real estate development industry is a major force in the capital city’s economic development and in attracting population to the area. The Baton Rouge Growth Coalition actively works with the Mayors' Office, Metro Council Members, Planning and Zoning Commission, Department of Public Works, and other agencies to help shape public policy pertaining to the development industry.

We Are Here To Serve You!

As a coalition, we are brought together to promote good growth in our city.  Each individual member adds to the impact of the Growth Coalition and membership is an integral part of maintaining a consistent presence.  More importantly, lending your corporate name to our membership roll adds creditability to our efforts and makes a difference.